salamSalam is a certified beauty technician with more than 20 years of experience. She is certified in electrology, permanent makeup, skincare and makeup artistry. Salam continually attends seminars throughout United States, as well as Italy, France, and the Middle East in a constant effort to expand her knowledge and keep abreast of the latest in beauty enhancing techniques and products.

Salam is the graduate of the American Academy of Micropigmentation (AAM), which specializes in the field of permanent makeup. She is certified in advanced Intra-Dermal Techniques and Color Theory. She is a licensed Skin Care Specialist in the State of New Jersey. She has extensive experience as a makeup artist, and specializes in bridal makeup.

Salam is dedicated to giving her clients the best of her training and experience and her personal goal is, throu the world. These products are proven to achieve long-lasting results, and never fail to meet gh her talents and knowledge, to bring about a change in their lives. With her help and guidance her clients have achieved amazing results. Salam offers personalized beauty programs, tailored to each individual’s needs. She uses only the best products, personally selected from all over the client’s satisfaction.

Salam is a proponent of natural remedies, gathered from years of research and experience. She is always willing to share her knowledge, whether it is a home remedy or a recommendation for an organic product.


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