Permanent Makeup

Permanent Eyebrows

Whatever the reason behind eyebrow hair loss, they can be brought back to their natural fullness with our state-of-the-art techniques for permanent eyebrow tattooing. You don’t have to worry about having two stripes of War- paint above each eye: with our advanced techniques in shading, detailed strokes give you natural looking eyebrows with as much depth and dimension as real eyebrows.

Permanent Eyeliner

Imagine having naturally framed and enhanced eyes without having to worry about applying makeup daily – or maintaining it throughout the day. Your eyes are definitively the most important facial feature you have: they communicate silently with everyone around you. Plus, permanent eyeliner goes where pencil or liquid liner could never reach: between the lashes, creating a natural but magnificent frame that truly brings out the windows to your soul.

Lip Color and Lip Reshaping

Permanent lip color, added even in the most minimal amounts, can make your lips appear dramatically fuller and more youthful. You can choose to give them a subtle contour or a dramatic boost, either way, your lips will be naturally lined, 24-7. Permanent lip color also allows you to reshape irregular lips or conceal small scars.

Scar Camouflage

Men and women of all ages can benefit from this procedure.  Burns, discolorations, and other blemishes can be dramatically diminished with our advanced micro-pigmentation procedures.

Areola Complex Tattooing

Mosaic cares about helping post-mastectomy patients regain their natural appearance and their confidence. Salarn is known for her realistic areola tattooing, through her “non-grafted areola” technique. Doctors who use this technique create a nipple from the breast mound, after eliminating the areola graft. Therefore, without the circular scar of the grafted areola, a mare diffused effect can be achieved. Areola tattooing completes your post-mastectomy restorative process, both physically and emotionally.

Pricing determined at Free consultation.

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